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Thank you for fighting for us

Dear Representative Matewsky,

Thank you, for demonstrating the courage to stand before Massport and the F.A.A., on behalf of the citizens of Everett. We agree that that the constant noise of aircraft overhead is unacceptable, and while we recognize that aircraft must fly, we cannot accept the frequency of 45 seconds to one minute on a clear day, all day and into the next days early am hours.

As it was pointed out in your editorial I was just one of several hundred people that stood by you during rallies in opposition of Massport several years ago. I remember the petition drives, the strategy sessions and all those petitions delivered to Massport. Most important I remember Massports promises and the concession granted by communities surrounding the airport. While we stood in opposition of building a new runway other cities were conceding to Massports demands. We finally with no choice conceded too, when they promised us that a new runway would minimize and reroute air traffic over Everett, and that newer planes to be utilized would considerable reduce noise levels. You are correct with the new runway, the frequency of aircraft overhead became tolerable until this past year.

I can tell you from my own perspective that I am also very concerned with the health risks involved with the emission of aircraft. I have just recently become aware of documented and significant increase in COPD (lung disease) in communities in close proximity to the airport, being specifically caused by aircraft. Equally documented cases of illness caused by chronic sleep deprivation from aircraft noise.

As I sit on my front porch with ear plugs inserted, timing the number of planes overhead I reflect on those past days looking for answers. Unfortunately, the only answer I can come to is that Massport lied to us. Now I want to know why you Representative Matewsky, stands alone as an elected official fighting for the citizenry of Everett. This fight is not for one single elected official but for all too cooperatively join together and bring to the citizens an acceptable result. Furthermore, would you please let the residence know that they should call (617) 561-3333 to register their noise complaints?


Gail Hansen

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