Council Subcommittee to Review “Stretch Building Code”

The Everett City Council’s Committee on Community and Business Development will meet next Monday night, June 23 at 6 p.m. to review a proposal that seeks to adopt the Massachusetts “Stretch” building code, to ensure new construction and additions over a certain size are completed using energy efficient materials and equipment going forward.

The stretch code has been adopted by nearly all of Everett’s neighboring communities and is one of five key components needed to be designated as a Green Community by the Department of Energy Resources.

The Green Community designation can be valuable for the city, as it comes with grant incentives to assist the city in making its facilities and buildings more energy efficient.

Community and Economic Development Director James Errickson and Building Inspector James Soper proposed the adoption of the stretch code to the Council at its last meeting on June 9 and will be on hand to answer any questions the committee has on June 23.

If adoption of the stretch code is recommended by the committee, it could be sent directly to the full Council for a vote at its regular meeting on later June 23 at 7 p.m.

According to Soper, who has had experience implementing the stretch code in the Town of Winthrop, where he previously worked, the adoption of the code will not actually impact many homeowners in the community.

The new building code would provide guidelines for materials and systems that could be used in new construction projects and for large scale renovations that encompass a large increase in square footage. The average cost increase to projects is less than $1,000 per project that is impacted.

However, the energy savings to the homeowner, or homebuyer in the case of new construction projects, is far greater.

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