A Special Easter

This week and especially on Sunday, many churches will be overflowing as parishioners go to church to celebrate Easter.

Easter is always a magical time for children.

As a family, we always held off hiding the Easter candy around the house until after Mass.  This action prompted our youngest to go to church a few years back and pray that the Easter Bunny remembers to come to our house and then he proceeded to put our address in his prayers just in case the bunny might have forgotten where he was to go in all his haste.

For adults, Easter usually means putting on a new spring outfit that celebrates the arrival of warmer weather after a too long and cold winter.

However, Easter is more than just these two events.

For Christians, Easter is a celebration of eternal life with Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

At many of the churches in our neighborhood on Sunday morning, there will be visitors who are in Boston to run the Marathon on Monday.

This is what will make this Easter all the more meaningful.

As one thinks back to the events of last year’s bombing, for some it is the memories of how they were spared any injuries as they were on these very streets on that Monday.  For others, it will be the painful reminders of being forever scarred either physically or emotionally by this tragedy.

The courage and fortitude of those of who suffered from last year’s bombings and to overcome what to us are the insurmountable experiences are truly what Easter should mean for all of us.

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