Mayor Carlo Demaria Tops Ballot in Re-election Hanlon, Napolitano, Mcgonagle, Sarnie and Dell Isola Sew up At-large Council Seats

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria was the top vote getter in his re-election race Tuesday night, taking 62 percent of the 7,379 votes and easily besting challenger and Alderman Robert J. Van Campen 4,559 votes to 2,725.

The victory will make DeMaria the first mayor elected to a four-year term in the city, with the new governmental structure set to begin on January 1, 2014.

Joining Mayor DeMaria in the new government are a number of experienced politicians, though far fewer than in the expiring bi-cameral form of city government. Beginning January 1, the city council will be comprised of just one board with eleven members.

Below is a complete list of all candidates and their vote totals. Winning candidates are named first in contested races. The only uncontested races were on the School Committee, where all nine incumbents ran unopposed and in the Ward 3 Council race where Michael Marchese secured 4,287 votes.

In the race for Councilor At-Large the following candidates won election, vote total are in parenthesis: John Hanlon (3,045), Peter Napolitano (2,736), Joseph McGonagle (2,543), Cynthia Sarnie (2,207) and Richard Dell Isola (2,203). The following candidates did not win election to the Council as At-Large members, Michael Mangan (2,096), Joseph Marchese (1,479), Leo Barrett ( 1,093) and Leonard Jordan (1,036).

In the Ward 1 Council race Fred Capone beat Sergion Cornelio 3,452 votes to 2,669.

In Ward 2 Stephen Simonelli earned 3,287 votes to 2,415 votes for Jason Marcus.

The new Ward 4 Councilor will be John Leo McKinnon who earned 3,058 to beat out Domenic Puleo who had 2,644 votes.

In Ward 5 Rosa DiFlorio had 3,329 votes to beat out Robert Sansone’s 2,525 votes, and in Ward 6 Sal Sachetta had 3,038 votes to beat out Michael McLaughlin who garnered just 2,618 votes.

The nine school committee members, along with their vote total are as follows: At-Large School Committee members include Lester MacLaughlin (2,937), Berardino D’Onofrio (2,714) and Richard Baniewicz (2,527).

Ward 1 School Committee member Allen Panarese had 4,113 votes.

Ward 2 School Committee member Joseph LaMonica had 4,025 votes.

Ward 3 School Committee member Francis Parker had 3,946 votes.

Ward 4 School Committee member David Ela Jr. had 3,846 votes.

Ward 5 School Committee member Robert Carreiro had 3,813 votes.

Ward 6 School Committee member Thomas Abruzzese had 4,004 votes.

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