Clerk Predicts Big Turnout for Election Day: New Form of Government Has Increased Interest

City Clerk Michael Matarazzo said this week that he expects about 40-percent voter turnout, in the seventh local election of the year. The 40-percent is roughly 7,600 voters or just a couple of hundred less than turned out for the Mayoral race four years ago when Carlo DeMaria beat Joseph McGonagle and 7,800 voters came out.

“I think the interest in some of the other races this year will drive a larger turnout,” said Matarazzo. “Especially in the At-Large Council race, where there are so many current councilors and aldermen competing for just five seats on the new City Council.”

Another indicator of a big turnout is the number of absentee ballot requests and as of Monday, October 28, Matarazzo reported that 308 people had voted by absentee ballot so far this year.

That said there are still several high-profile races, in addition to the Mayor’s race, that will generate voter interest. Below is a list of the candidates in each of the city elections in the order they will appear on the ballot.

School Committee elections will also be held on Tuesday, November 5, but none of the candidates for School Committee is facing a challenge and no large-scale write-in campaigns have emerged for School Committee, so those candidates are virtually assured of being re-elected under the new form of government.

Mayor (one elected)

Carlo DeMaria Jr.

Robert J. Van Campen

At-Large Councilor (five elected)

John Hanlon

Joseph McGonagle Jr.

Leonard Jordan

Peter Napolitano

Cynthia Sarnie

Joseph P. Marchese

Richard Dell Isola Jr.

Michael Mangan

Leo Barrett

Ward 1 Councilor (one elected)

Fred Capone

Sergio Cornelio

Ward 2 Councilor (one elected)

Stephen Simonelli

Jason Marcus

Ward 3 Councilor (one elected)

Michael Marchese

Ward 4 Councilor (one elected)

John Leo McKinnon

Dominic Puleo

Ward 5 Councilor (one elected)

Robert Sansone

Rosa DiFlorio

Ward 6 Councilor (one elected)

Sal Sachetta

Michael McLaughlin

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