Important Meetings Coming Up

We urge all residents to attend the meetings planned on the casino/resort development by the Wynn Group in the lower Broadway area.  As we have said numerous times, this development would change dramatically the city of Everett.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has done more than anyone to spearhead the drive for the casino from the beginning to today where Wynn must be considered a top contender for the sole Greater Boston casino license.

DeMaria has shown on many occasions during his time in office that he is more than comfortable to let other people express their opinions on a development before the final project is completed and if the idea has merit to explore any and all possibilities.

The meetings on October 17 at the Connolly Center starting at 6 p.m. and October 19 starting at 10 a.m. at Pope John will be the forum for all residents and business owners to see the plans and express their opinions.

In June, the casino received an 86 percent approval rate by the voters in the special election. We encourage all interested parties to attend these meetings and let their opinions be heard about not only this development but also other developments in this far too long neglected area of our city.

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