City to Begin New Residential Water Meter Installation

In a continuing effort to improve City services, Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City Services Water Department are pleased to report that the installation of the new Residential Water Meters will begin in April.  Mass Installation Inc., of Norwood, MA, was recently awarded the contract to install over 8000 new water meters and the new state-of-the-art, automatic meter reading system throughout the City.  This new system will reduce meter reading costs, as well as eliminate meter reading discrepancies and the need to access residential property in order to collect a reading.  The project in its entirety is expected to take between six and twelve months to complete.

The new technology being installed is manufactured by KP Mega-Net, and utilizes a licensed radio frequency channel to deliver meter reading information directly to City Services.  A Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) attached to the residential meters transmits a signal that includes an actual reading of each water meter.  The signal is picked up by a repeater and is instantly transferred to the City’s customer database.  This process happens automatically and will provide billing statements that are always based on actual meter readings.

Once the system is fully installed and operational, it should eliminate the need for estimated bills.  Quarterly bills based on actual readings will give residents the opportunity to track their water use, making it easier to plan, budget, and reduce the headache associated with unexpected bills.  It will be evident to residents that they are paying only for the water they have used.  In addition, if a resident’s water usage pattern seems arbitrarily high, the City will be able to better detect the possible cause of the problem and advise property owners of reasons, such as potential pipe leaks or inefficient fixtures.

Beginning in April, Mass Installation will contact property owners to schedule appointments.  Installation across the City will be split into three sections.  Those property owners whose water accounts begin with the number 1 will be scheduled first, followed by those whose accounts begin with the number 2, and finally those beginning with the number 3.  Customers can find their account number listed on the top right corner of the water bill they receive from the City.

Once ready to being in your area, Mass Installation will issue color coded notification cards to property owners, requesting a return call in order to set up a convenient installation time.  The first attempt will be signified with a yellow card, the second attempt will be green, and the final notice, orange.  Once you receive a notification card, please immediately call Mass Installation to schedule your appointment.  Please note that this program is mandatory for all City water customers.

Mass Installation has provided the City with an example ID badge so that residents are aware of the credentials they should expect to see when approached about meter installation.  Also, all trucks and vehicles will be clearly marked with Mass Installation company information.  If residents have questions regarding the validity of vehicles or personnel in their neighborhood they can contact the Water Department at 617-394-2325, the Mayor’s Office at 617-394-2270, or the Police Department at 617-389-2120.

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