Misidentification of Sober Home Riles Residents Problems at the Site Acknowledged

When Alderman Michael Marchese called out the owners, managers and residents of a sober home on Gladstone Street during last week‘s Board of Aldermen meeting, neighbors of the alleged sober home were happy that someone was paying attention.

They just wish he had cited the correct address.

According to a homeowner on the street, the so-called sober home, which was identified by Marchese as being at 13-15 Gladstone Street, is actually located at 11-13 Gladstone Street.

The home at 15-17 Gladstone Street includes the homeowner, a tenant and a daycare, none of which are related in any way to the neighboring building.

“People that are down here know what is going on,” said the homeowner, who is not being identified to protect her identity and privacy. “We’ve seen people using (drugs) right in our driveway, we’ve found used, dirty needles on the sidewalk and on the sidewalk in front of the school.”

The homeowner noted that some additional oversight of the sober home, and two others that are located close by on Broadway would be welcome by the hard-working residents and property owners that live in the area.

“We’re located right across the street from an elementary school,” she added. “I don’t know if there is a manager there, there’s supposed to be. People come and go from there, we don’t know any of these people and we don’t know if they’re doing drug testing or supervising the tenants.”

Attempts to locate and contact the managers of the sober home were unsuccessful before the Independent’s deadline. However, efforts to contact those in charge of the sober home will continue.

Marchese in making his address to the Board of Aldermen, has raised an important issue for the community, about both preserving the right of legitimate sober homes and transitional housing to locate and operate, while also protecting the residents and taxpayers from the types of activities that are being reported by the residents of Gladstone Street.

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