The Early Warmth

There is nothing, we repeat, nothing, quite so delightful and satisfying as the early heat visiting us in April.

There was more early heat early on in March, which was also satisfying beyond belief.

What we are facing with this very early switch to warmer times is the reality of a possible four month summer, or in other words, a nearly endless summer compared with the coming of seasons past.

That we may actually get May, June, July and August as virtual summer months together is an almost impossible thought but this is what appears to be happening.

We don’t want to even think about what might be in store if much of September came up toasty and warm just like summer – it would then be a five month season.

That would be unheard of in the annals of New England weather history.

If you do not believe in Global Warming, this might be the season to become a convert.

After all, to what could we attribute this dramatic climate change we are experiencing?

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