Easter and Passover

Everett, Easter and Passover are one this weekend.

While nearly everything about our lives has changed over the decades, Easter remains what it was and what it might always be, perhaps the most significant Christian holiday which marks the resurrection of Jesus.

It marks more than that.

Easter and the Jewish holiday of Passover are inextricably connected by the symbolism of the holidays as well as by their position on the calendar.

In fact, the words Easter and Passover are related.

In fact, all of mankind is related by these two holidays in one way or another.

The death of Jesus and his last words uttered on the hill at Golgotha – “Oh Lord, oh Lord, why hast though forsaken me” – give to mankind not just his suffering on the cross but additionally, the Kingdom of God.

We urge our Christian and Jewish readers to enjoy the holiday, and to thank God for the freedom of religion which we all experience in this great nation of ours.

Jesus would be proud of America.

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