Janitors Exonerated of Wrongdoing Student Safety Never Compromised

Two custodians accused of assaulting a student at the Keverian School last month have been given a clean bill by law enforcement authorities following an exhaustive investigation by Everett Police and investigators in the office of Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone.

The investigation by the DA’s office has been officially closed without any findings of fact sufficient to proceed with the matter.

Both custodians have been reinstated and have returned to work following almost two months of suspension with pay.

The announcement was especially pleased to Everett Public School parents as well as Superintendent of Everett Schools Fred Foresteire.

“I am especially pleased that this investigation has proven that the safety of Everett Public School students at the Keverian School were never compromised in any way at any time,” he said.

According to a letter received by Foresteire from Mr. Thomas W. Hilse, Special Investigations, in the state’s Department of Children and Families Executive Office of Health and Human Services, after looking carefully at all the information received from the investigation, the agency made a determination that the student’s allegations against the men were unsupported.

According to sources, a father of a young girl claimed she had been abused and or assaulted by one of the custodians and that she apparently told him so. However, the youngster was unable to identify her alleged attacker.

The assertions made by the young girl to her father and then by her father to the Everett Police, set off a full scale investigation and the suspension of the custodians.

The custodians have resumed their duties at the George Keverian School after both the School Council and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) voted to have the men returned to their jobs at the school.

A letter from the Superintendent has been mailed to all parents of students from Kindergarten through Grade Eight in the school to reassure them of their children’s safety.

“We take our responsibility to provide a safe, secure environment for learning for  Everett’s children very seriously,” said Superintendent Foresteire.  “We will continue to work hard with the School Committee to accomplish this every day throughout the year for all students in all Everett Public Schools” the Superintendent added.

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