Buying and Selling, a Christmas Tradition at the Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box owner Tom Yourawski and Store Manager (and grandson) Justin Puopo are ready to induce one and all into the family this Christmas with the best deals on Broadway.

Buying is part of the new sales plan at most jewelry stores these days and the Jewelry Box on Broadway in Revere has proven itself to be a leader in the booming gold buying business – and there’s no time like Christmas to come in and visit their close-knit, family operation.

Owner Tom Yourawski and newly anointed manager Justin Puopolo – a relative of Yourawski’s – both said that the Christmas trend once again is to bring in old jewelry, get a premium in selling it, and then trading up to something better.

“They’re bringing in all of the old stuff they never wear or that they got years ago and is now out of style,” said Yourawski. “We give them the best price around, top dollar, and they turn around and go for some bigger diamond earrings. Some ladies are going towards buying white gold hearts and mounting something sentimental inside of it like their mother’s diamond ring. That makes it sentimental and stylish and the ladies are going for that.”

The other popular item in terms of buying jewelry this year is the bracelets with beads.

The Jewelry Box sells Reflection beads that are all made in Italy. The bracelets are used to collect custom beads that contain a meaning. Yourawski said that the customized bracelets have gained popularity because none of them are the same. Each person chooses special beads that have a meaning to them, and they can mix and match beads as time goes on.

“The beads are popular because they tell a personal story and that makes the entire piece special,” he said.

Nevertheless, the real business in the jewelry business is buying gold and other precious metals.

Yourawski’s business plan has completely changed over the last couple of years, and he said that when he changed it over, he did his research. What has emerged from that research is the best store around for selling gold.

“Buying is the new selling in this business,” he said. “We’re family here and family doesn’t hurt family. We’re the best place to sell your gold because we’re not going to rip you off. We didn’t build up our reputation over 34 years to rip people off. That’s not going to happen at the Jewelry Box.”

And speaking of 34 years in business, Yourawski said that after this Christmas he would be easing out of his long-time business. He said he would be transferring more and more of the responsibilities to Puopolo, who now holds the title of store manager.

“This is just a transition within the family at the Jewelry Box,” he said. “I’ve been mentoring him for the last several years and he’s ready now to take over more of the business. It will be good news with Uncle Tommy here and my grandson Justin too.”

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good deal this Christmas, the only place to stop is at the Jewelry Box where Yourawski, Puopolo, Darlene Mazac or Lisa Avola Cataldo are ready to help grant Christmas wishes.

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