Aldermen Question $20,000 Expenditure

Where did all the money go?

The answer to that question is what President of the Board of Aldermen Michael Marchese wants to ask a member of the Charter Commission about the expenditure of almost $20,000 of city funds.

“I want to make sure that the money was well spent,” Marchese told his colleagues at Monday night’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

Marchese was questioning in particular who paid for the signs supporting the proposed new city charter that will be voted on in November and have appeared on city streets in the last few weeks.

“I want to make sure that there was no public money used for these signs because that is strictly prohibited,” he said.

City Clerk Michael Matarazzo informed the Aldermen that he understands that a final draft of the proposed charter will be mailed to all Everett households in the next few weeks. See item 21.

Lower speed limits

Aldermen Joseph McGonagle wants to make sure that certain Everett streets have a lower speed limit than the state allows.

Under his measure, McGonagle wants the local Traffic Commission not State officials to set the speed limits on all local streets.

Presently, the state has a uniform speed limit of 30 miles per hour on all roads unless specifically noted.  See item 19.

Everett is

red, white and blue

Unlike a Brookline organization that tried to ban the pledge of allegiance oath in schools, the Aldermen said unanimously that this would not be acceptable in Everett.

“I am proud to be an American and to say the Pledge of Allegiance,” Alderwoman Millie Cardello said.  See item 25.

Other matters before the Aldermen were as follows:

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