Everett Charter Commission Proposes Historic Changes for Ballot Question in November

In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 43 B, the Everett Charter Commission has given the proposed Charter final report to the Everett City Council for its mandated action that it be submitted to the voters on the Municipal Election, November 8, 2011.

The commission is requesting that the Board of Aldermen place an order on its May 9 agenda that directs the Everett City Clerk to notify citizens to vote for a ballot question on the proposed charter.

Key charter recommendations include replacing the current two-tiered 25-person bicameral Everett City Council with a streamlined unicameral single-branch 11-member city council, adopting a four-year term for mayor in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for the entire city administration and a provision to recall any elected official.

Other proposals include requiring a public hearing for the budget process and public comment at city council meetings. The proposed charter prohibits members of the city council or school committee from holding any other position with the city and makes them ineligible to participate in the city’s group health insurance program. Any elected official convicted of a felony would immediately be removed from office.

If the voters approve the new charter with a Yes vote, parts of it will take effect at the preliminary election of September 2013.

The preliminary report is available on line at: cityofeverett.com/.

The proposed charter with a summary of the ballot question will be distributed to every household with at least one registered voter no later than two weeks prior to the November 8, 2011 municipal election.

Paul Schlosberg / Chairman, Robert E. Sansone / Vice Chairman, Alfred J.F. Lattanzi / Clerk, Michael J. Bono, John F. Hanlon, Dorothy Martin Long, Joseph F. Hickey, Jason Marcus and Bennie P. Schiavo; 617-389-8787

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