The Crisis in Japan a Reminder to Us All

The catastrophe in Japan is an opportunity for all of us living on the East Coast to reflect on our good fortune.

We are lucky the earth doesn’t quake here the way it does along the Pacific rim, where tsunamis are a fairly common occurrence.

Yet Mother Nature can turn our lives upside down, and in an instant or an afternoon or after  a two day storm, we, too, could be without our homes or possessions, without clean drinking water and food or electricity and without a place to sleep or to care for our children properly.

We should take stock of our good fortune that we live where we do.

The American Red Cross is taking donations to help the survivors of the catastrophe in Japan.

Send a little something in. When we let people around the world know we care, America shines as a nation.

The Japanese are down right now. They need some help.

Please consider a donation.

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