Captain James Henry

It is hard for those of us who work in the private sector to understand fully what it means to have spent 28 years of your professional work life with the Everett Police Department.

In fact, spending 28 years with the Everett Police Department is to literally give your life to it.

This is exactly what Jim Henry did with his work life – and by all accounts from others who served with him, he enjoyed being an Everett cop and he goes into retirement a bit early but with the knowledge that he did a good job.

As he said last week: “I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve as a police officer in Everett.”

Everett is losing a good cop.

The good cop is gaining his retirement.

We wish Captain Henry many years of good health and thank him for his many years of dedicated service.

We hope he will enjoy his retirement as much as he enjoyed coming into the station everyday for another shift.

He will be missed.

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