Charter Review

The city’s effort at Charter Review has come a long way since the Charter Commission was officially put into place.

The Commission is made up of a wide variety of residents, all of whom have done a great job.

Many, many hours of debate and research have gone into the process whose outcome will be the near upside down changing of how this city governs itself when all is said and done.

The de facto head of the Commission is former Mayor John Hanlon, whose input into the process of changing the city charter has been inestimable.

Without Hanlon’s leadership and without that of  some of the other members like Alfred Lattanzi, Robert Sansone, Michael Bono, Dorothy Long, Joseph Hickey, Jason Marcus and Bennie Schiavo, the effort could not have moved forward to the extent it has.

Paul Schlosberg’s job as chairperson of this talented and capable board is unnecessary.

We thank these residents for their loyalty to Everett and to the generations to come.

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