Markey Will Stay

Key staffer’s exit mere coincidence to Census announcement

Congressman Ed Markey has no plans to make an exit from his long-held Congressional seat, staffers said this week.

Just as the U.S. Census Bureau was announcing the state’s loss of one Congressman by 2012, a key staffer from Markey’s office also resigned after eight years.

The staffer, Kate Bazinsky, announced she was moving on to go back to school just 30 minutes before the Census announcement.

The timing sparked all sorts of questions that weren’t immediately answered by Markey’s office.

Was Markey taking a Cabinet position with the president?

Was he going to retire from the House?

It turns out it was all just a coincidence and bad timing, according to staffers in Markey’s office.

“Kate’s going back to school announcement was completely unrelated to Ed’s future in the U.S. Congress,” said Mark Gallagher of Markey’s Medford Office. “He has every intention of running and staying in Congress in the future.”

Now, everyone statewide is left to wonder just which member of Congress will be eliminated from his or her Congressional seat this coming year. The U.S. Census announced last Tuesday that Massachusetts lost one Congressional seat, meaning that the State Legislature will have to eliminate one member by January 2012.

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