Crimson Tide’s victory over Xevarian remarkable

Absolutely nothing going on in this city during the past two months has outdone what the Crimson Tide football team did Saturday afternoon in Westwood.

The football team’s extraordinary play against the state’s leading team – which is also nationally ranked – will go down in local history as one of the Crimson Tide’s finest hours.

Certainly, it was a highly inspired Crimson Tide 11 that took the field against the highly touted Xevarian football team.

The game put much on the line and said much about both these talented ball clubs.

However it was the outcome of the game, which, we believe, said it all between these two tough rivals.

Everett came out on top in more ways than one.

This was more than a one-game victory.

It was payback for a terrible defeat in the Super Bowl last year between these two rivals.

We don’t believe many of the kids went out onto the field recalling that game.

They went out onto the field to win Saturday. What came before was a post script to what had to be done.

Xevarian, whether or not they like it, has been pushed off the mountaintop where it had been residing in Massachusetts high school football circles.

The Crimson Tide becomes the Number 1 high school football team in all of Massachusetts as a result of Saturday’s victory.

There should be no gloating. No back slapping. No extended rounds of self-congratulation.

What Coach John DiBiaso will do is this: he will tell his players to prepare for next week, that beating Xevarian was just another game and that now it is time to move on.

The Crimson Tide is sure to meet Xevarian again.

If all things are equal, the Crimson Tide will prevail.

This is the Crimson Tide’s year and moment under the sun.

If you’ve followed Everett football, you know this is true.

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