The Homecoming

This year’s Homecoming was, once again, an over the top success.

The various events drew tens of thousands – and the football game on the new turf in the reincarnated Veterans Stadium called attention to how this city takes care of its young people.

The event itself remains one of Everett’s signature events largely because of the efforts of Superintendent of Schools Fred Foresteire.

Foresteire remains the heart and soul of the annual Homecoming.

The Homecoming is apolitical – it is a peoples’ event that brings together the multi-cultural mix that makes this city what it is today.

The Everett of today is a place that epitomizes every aspect of the American Dream we have come to believe in.

The American Melting Pot is alive and well in Everett.

Foresteire, Mayor DeMaria, Senator DiDomenico all appreciate and extol the multi-cultural mix.

To their credit, they all take part in the event in order to perpetuate it.

Homecoming reaches so many – young and old, men and women, school children and teachers, school administrators, PTA members, businesspeople and police, firefighters and city hall employees.

That was evident over the weekend when so many thousands joined together for the parade and for everything else.

Everett is a rapidly changing place today.

Men and women from all over the world have come here to live and to educate their children, to find a job or start their own business.

This is a city that absorbs the hopeful who come here seeking something better out of their lives – and no event highlights the togetherness that so many people living here feel than Homecoming.

Let’s face it, Homecomings have become a thing of the past in many, many other communities.

Here, Homecoming remains the city’s yearly signature event, its one great effort to bring public school students and people from all walks of life together.

We again give praise to Superintendent Foresteire for his perseverance and hard work in maintaining this longtime Everett tradition.

Everett is a better place because of the annual Homecoming celebration.

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