Winners take all; congrats to DiDomenico and Smith

Voters last week sent Senator Sal DiDomenico back to the senate.

DiDomenico dashed the hopes of Cambridge Attorney Tim Flaherty – and despite the close outcome, DiDomenico proved himself the stronger candidate.

This election began with Flaherty given a perceived advantage over DiDomenico because of the vote spread in the sprawling district. Cambridge was said to be his and the vote there would make it impossible for DiDomenico to overcome it.

Frankly, this was the case in August. But by the time primary had arrived, DiDomenico had worked harder and smarter than Flaherty.

In doing so, he showed more heart and soul for what he was seeking to do.

He wanted the seat more passionately than Flaherty did, and this came out profoundly when voters went to the polls last week.

DiDomenico’s win can be attributed to the way Everett voters came out and Cambridge voters did not.

Again, DiDomenico worked harder, wanted it more and never wasted a moment in seeking to nail down a Primary Day victory.

He showed himself to voters as the better candidate.

We congratulate him on his victory.

We wish him the best during this new term.

Representative Stat Smith faced former Mayor John Hanlon.

Smith easily beat the former mayor, proving that Smith’s base is large enough to beat just about anyone who runs against him short of Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

Smith’s third term victory solidifies his place in Everett City politics.

He has the chance to do something more meaningful for the city as Everett’s advocate on Beacon Hill.

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