Kennedy seeks a spot on the Governor’s Council

It isn’t everyday you get to meet a well-known Everett lawyer running for the Governor’s Council.

In fact, it isn’t everyday you get to meet a candidate for the Governor’s Council.

So I experienced a double header last Thursday when Everett Attorney Terrence Kennedy stopped by to introduce himself as a candidate of the Governor’s Council.

Kennedy has never run for public office but rather has chosen to become a successful trial attorney who shows real skill inside a courtroom.

What better kind of guy to be a Governor’s Councillor – where about the only major piece of the job that affects all of us is voting on judgeships handed down by the governor.

Here’s a guy born and raised in Everett – a former Middlesex and Norfolk County District Attorney and experienced trial lawyer – and someone who I found engaging, smart and totally into the race for the position he is seeking.

“If I am elected,” he said “I am committed to voting for only those candidates who are able to put aside their personal views and biases and rule based on justice and impartiality,” he said.

Terrence Kennedy is down to earth. He speaks without affect of any kind and he understands the lay of the land.

He has been endorsed by a number of unions and local politicians.

Best about Kennedy by his own admission is that he will make himself accessible and accountable.

“It is the only way I know how to be,” he said.

Kennedy has been campaigning throughout the Sixth District for the past six months.

He said he has been receiving a warm reception from most voters that he meets.

“Running for Governor’s Councillor is about the most challenging thing I’ve attempted in many years,” said the seasoned attorney.

“I’m simply trying to meet as many people as I can before Election Day,” he added.

“Name recognition and qualifications are what it is all about if I’m going to be elected.

Locally, Terrence Kenney has both.

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