Arrest Report 09-10-2010

Tuesday, August 31

Luis Manuel Blanks, 19, of 38 Jacobs Street, Dorchester, was arrested for warrant arrest

Mark F. Zraket, 44, of 820 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, was arrested for armed robbery and armed robbery with intent to murder.

Wednesday, September 1

Angelique R. Kane, 31, of 742 Broadway, Everett, was arrested for larceny.

Thursday, September 2

Kathleen R. McDonald, 41, of 15 Road Street, Everett, was arrested for warrant arrest.

Harold Edward Swain, 53, homeless, was taken into protective custody.

Friday, September 3

Valerie Annmarie Belloise, 25, homeless, was arrested for resisting arrest, and two counts of warrant arrest.

Saturday, September 4

Andrew Mailly, 54, of 57 Liberty Street, Everett, was arrested for attempting to commit a crime and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Sheryl Rogers-Middleton, 48, of 11 Hancock Street, Everett, was arrested for disturbing the peace.

Sunday, September 5

Steven Charles Brickman, 27, of 157 Webster Avenue, Chelsea, was arrested for domestic assault and battery, malicious destruction of property and intimidation of a witness.

Latia M. Torres, 18, of 196 Russel Street, Everett, was arrested for domestic assault and battery.

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