Hanlon announces officially for Representative seat

Former mayor and city clerk John Hanlon has officially announced his candidacy for the Everett representative’s seat now held by Representative Stephen Smith.

He will be facing Smith in the September primary.

Hanlon told the Independent that he will be running a strong, well funded, multi-faceted campaign in the effort to unseat Smith.

“I will work hard for the people of this city whom I so respect, and whom I know so well. During a long and successful career of public service and then in elective office, I always put the people and their needs ahead of a political agenda. I will do the same as Everett’s representative on Beacon Hill,” Hanlon said.

He is promising to bring positive energy back to the position, positive energy and innovation as well as bringing back a keen understanding of what the people of this district need.

“I will be speaking with many of you as I campaign. I will be knocking on your doors. And I am promising to bring back confidence in the position such as we enjoyed when the late Ed Connelly served us on Beacon Hill,” Hanlon said.

In addition, he said he was going to be hands on and an advocate.

Hanlon has opened a campaign office.

The following is his statement:

I am announcing today, that I am seeking the office of State Representative, representing the 28th Middlesex District, which comprises all of Everett and Ward 7 Precinct 2 of Malden. I do this because I strongly feel that the communities of Everett and Malden deserve, dedicated, hands on, proactive, responsive, and tenacious representation.

The 28th Middlesex seat has been historically significant. The phenomenal essence of individuals such as Billy Hogan, George Keverian, and Edward Connelly, set Everett apart from the rest; these men put the district on the map. Each of these fine and distinguished men were proactive champions and as constituents, we all reaped the benefits of their advocacy.

Unfortunately, I feel that we have lost that positive, vital energy and that it is essential that we reinvigorate these ideals and move forward once again for the sake of ourselves and our families.

I promise that my work ethic and commitment as State Representative will embody the positive, can do attitude of the former state representatives, and keep the needs of the 28th Middlesex District on the forefront of the formal public agenda; including a proactive, diligent approach to find new economic opportunities for the hard working people of Everett and Malden.

For forty-two years, I have had the privilege of serving the people of Everett. I have done so in the capacities of Mayor, City Clerk and Alderman and approached each task with integrity, honesty and diligence, keeping in mind, always, that the needs of the people I served came first.

We have come to a crossroad. It is time for an infusion of energy, innovative, thinking and a keen sense of our district needs. We need an accountable, selfless, State Representative who believes in the people he serves. Whose commitment to his constituents takes first and only precedent and will do what ever it takes to benefit his constituents. I pledge to be that man.

In the next few weeks, I will be knocking on your doors. I look forward as I have in the past to speak to each of you, hear your voices and share your thoughts.

I would love your help! Please feel free to contact me personally at 617-594-9852.

I, and my wife Frances (Canderozzi) Hanlon thank you for your efforts on our behalf.

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