A nice idea but a very costly one

The DiMaria Administration recently hired a consulting firm to measure the efficacy and efficiency of combining many – six – public service and safety buildings, including city hall, into one.

The ideas was to see if one big complex – the former senior high school building on Broadway – could be made into one big city services building.

The Administration found out that such a consolidation is indeed possible.

But it would cost $60 million.

In addition, the buildings left vacant when the old high school was up and running, could be sold off but only for approximately $6.5 million.

Bonding such a product at the present time would be a disaster and might prove to be an impossible financial mountain to climb.

Which brings us back to the point – what to do with the empty former senior high school complex?

One idea is to tear it down and to make a public park out of the multi-acre space.

Another idea is to sell it.

But who will buy such a costly ark in need of everything under the sun and largely without parking?

The question remains – what should the city do with the former senior high school?

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