Investigation unit in a big victory

Homicides that occur here are all tragedies – and they are all difficult to solve.

Local police swing into action and do their best and sometimes, they score a big victory against crime and against those who perpetrated the crime.

Such is the case with the Everett Police Criminal Investigations Unit.

This team went into high gear the moment news was received at the station last week that a man had been shot twice and died in Everett after getting off an MBTA bus.

The EPCIU followed all the leads, used high tech resources to search out leads and when all was said and done last Friday, they got their man.

On Monday, that man was arraigned in Malden District Court and charged with murder.

We want to give praise for great police work to the following who serve in the EPCIU: Sgt. Larry Jeddry, Sgt. Paul Hamilton, Detective Scott Stalbaum, Detective Colleen Stabile, Detective Stephen Hurley and Detective Allan Peluso – and to the leader of the unit, Captain Robert Bon Tempo.

Thank you for a job well done.

And thanks, also to the State Police detectives who helped out in this horrendous homicide.

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