We agree with the mayor

During the recent water crisis, Everett’s reverse 911 system failed to meet the high standard this city sets on public safety.

Not everyone could be notified – and the vast bulk of those notified in the end, received their call 72 hours after the disaster occurred.

Obviously, such a system working so slowly and delivered to so many is inadequate for the needs of this city if we hope to remain on the cutting edge of public safety.

As a result of the city’s poor reverse 911 response, Mayor Carlo DeMaria is set to ask the Common Council for an added appropriation to the Fire Department budget between $15,000- $30,000 in order to fund the purchase of a new reverse 911 system that is fast and flawless.

The city has been attempting to buy a new system for months but the common council was hesitant to indulge in any new purchases – but that was before the water disaster that struck this city and everyone else supplied by the Massachusetts Water Resources Agency.

Understanding this, the common council should embrace the mayor’s desire for a new reverse 911 system that would be able to notify residents of disasters immediately instead of waiting for 72 hours.

We urge the common council to support the mayor’s initiative in this matter.

Nothing is more important than public safety.

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