Absentee ballot conundrum

We once again call attention to the School Committee’s effort to straighten out the possible illegal use of absentee ballots that has grown serious enough to warrant changing the system

The percentages of absentee ballots handed in given the total vote are way out of whack according to official records.

In the event of a close election, absentee balloting here would likely be challenged in court and would have the effect of invalidating, for a while, the results of an election.

This situation cannot be allowed to exist – not with an important senate election being waged right now, and with Everett one of the most important voting battlegrounds in that special election.

As the School Committee has done, we, too, urge Secretary of State William Galvin to look into the absentee balloting situation here.

If anyone can bring scrutiny to this part of the electoral process it is Galvin.

He has shown himself to be an iron fisted law and order public official.

Absentee balloting here begs for reform.

There is simply too much absentee balloting going on in every election.

It is a situation growing worse, instead of better.

Cleaning petty corruption out of the city’s electoral process is what this is all about.

Again, we urge Secretary Galvin to take a close look immediately here in Everett.

It is needed and it is important to the sanctity of the electoral process and the way it ought to be.

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