CORI reports make sense for Everett public officials

The Everett School Committee has voted to require all of its elected members to submit CORI reports in January – a move intended to keep school committee members’ criminal histories public and transparent.

Those refusing to submit a CORI will be reported to the public by the school committee every 30 days.

In addition, those members would be escorted into and out of school committee meetings as part of the stipulation regarding CORIs.

No unsupervised contact with public school children is allowed for those who do not submit a CORI.

This is good public policy and should be adhered to by all the members of the school committee.

School Committee member and State Representative Stephen Smith has refused to submit a CORI.

Except for him, the entire membership of the school committee has already submitted theirs.

We urge School committeeman Smith to submit his.

The transparency of those serving the children of this city is now required.

Everyone on the school committee, including Mr. Smith, must comply.

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