Robotics class at Everett High School Scoring high interest and achievements

A recently instituted class in robotics at Everett High School (EHS) was a commanding success, and the School Committee got a glimpse of it at Monday night’s meeting.

Students with robots they programmed through the use of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, wowed members of the school committee, who praised the program, which is run by EHS instructor, Steven Blake.

The students showed how their robots were made to move all around by hand signals after they had programmed them to do so.

It was an impressive show for the high school students.

“What they are doing is truly engineering,” said Blake, himself an engineer.

“The students are using and designing their own software, using robotics and engineering to achieve their goals,” he added.

And what is that?

The goal, according to Blake, is for his students to compete in various robotics competitions held in Boston and throughout the state.

They would be the first to do from Everett High School under his leadership.

“Just look at what they’ve done,” he said to the members of the school committee as they watched with interest as his students robots moved around on the floor.

“Science, mathematics and technology are all tied together and that’s what you’re seeing here. Each student has assembled their robot, use lap-top-robot combos to do their own programming in order to learn how to control the robot,” Black said.

He is presently running a lab at the high school with 24 students with robots running on 24 programs that are being written for the robots by the students at the same time.

“The response has been overwhelming – phenomenal,” Blake said.

“The kids don’t want to leave class,” he said.

School Committeeman Frank Partner, who understands a great deal about robotics and engineering was in awe of what he saw.

“The use of science, mathematics and technology all tied together is where it’s at,” he told the Independent.

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