Praise for the reopening of the Adams School

Not enough can be written or said publicly about the benefits that come with the reopening of the Adams School for those parents in this city with 3 year-olds.

This is the Everett School Committee and Superintendent’s office at their very best.

Placing 3 year-olds in a pre-school at a spiffed up Adams School manned by talented teachers is a real shot in the arm for the future.

Nearly all of the 100 3 year olds who will attend the school when it re-opens in November will then move on to 4 year old pre-school with that much more intuitive information and ability already inside their heads – and this makes for a successful school experience.

More importantly, this 3 year old pre-school gives badly needed aid to those working-class residents with 3 year olds who would otherwise be forced to place their children in day care they cannot afford, and which would not provide an ounce of the resources the school department is providing at the Adams School.

To be against this initiative – School Committeeman Joseph Guiliano said he doesn’t believe pre-school for 3 year olds is important – is to be against what is best for the public school children of this city just starting out, and we are disappointed by his lack of understanding.

The re-opening of the Adams School is well worth the $300,000 the city will receive in Federal stimulus dollars from the governor’s office.

It is heartening that nearly all the members of the School Committee understand the importance of pre-school in the context of a public school education.

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