A tragic homicide

The brutal murder of a young woman living in Everett on Main Street serves as an example to all with families and children that great care must always be exercised in the paths that we follow.

She was an exotic dancer, someone who apparently minded her own business, who met a fate that no one should meet on Main Street early in the morning near to the apartment where she had been living.

The police are busy searching for her murderer and we know he will be found because Everett is a small place where no one can run and no one can hide.

The Everett Police and the State Police will figure out who committed this murder – and he will be brought to justice.

For the victim, a young Brazilian woman, the American experiment ended tragically.

We feel for her family and for everyone struggling to achieve the American Dream that lives in this city.

We believe the murderer will be captured, put to trial and sent away to prison for the remainder of his life.

Everett is not a dangerous place to live and to bring up your family.

In this instance, it was simply the violent underbelly of American society raising its ugly head.

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