House Leadership To Propose $555 Million in Record Investment for the MBTA

Special to the Independent

As part of its budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2025 (FY25), the House Committee on Ways and Means will propose a record investment of $555 million for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), as well as $184 million for the Regional Transit Authorities that serve commuters across Massachusetts. The House Committee on Ways and Means will release its full FY25 budget proposal tomorrow, April 10.

“Ensuring that the Commonwealth is equipped with a safe and reliable public transportation system is critical for the prosperity of our residents and communities, and will be vital in our future efforts to grow the economy. That’s why the House is proposing a record investment in the MBTA, an investment that will allow the new leadership at the T to meet the immense challenges that they face head on,” said House Speaker Ronald J. Mariano (D-Quincy). “Given the workforce recruitment and training challenges that have plagued the MBTA, I am particularly proud of the House’s proposal to establish an MBTA Academy that would help to bolster their workforce development efforts. I want to thank Chairman Michlewitz for working diligently to craft a proposal that provides the MBTA with the support that they desperately need.”

“Having a well-run transit system is critical to the success of the Commonwealth. This record amount of funding shows the House’s commitment to improving our transportation infrastructure in every area of the Commonwealth,” said House Committee on Ways and Means Chair Representative Aaron Michlewitz (D Boston). “I want to thank Speaker Mariano and Chair Straus for their hard work and determination on this issue and I look forward to renewing our commitment to adequately funding the MBTA, our Regional Transit Agencies, and all other sectors of our transportation needs.” 

The proposed funding represents the largest investment in the MBTA by the House of Representatives in an annual budget, representing a 41 percent increase from FY24. The investments rely on the General Fund and funds generated by the Fair Share ballot initiative that voters approved in November of 2022, which established a surtax of 4 percent on annual income above $1 million.

The House’s proposed transportation investments for FY25 include:

• $314 million operating transfer to the MBTA

• $184 million to support operations and transit improvements at the state’s 15 Regional Transit Authorities

• $75 million for MBTA capital investments in physical infrastructure

• $65 million for projects that address safety concerns at the MBTA related to the findings of the Federal Transit Administration’s Safety Management Inspection initiated in April 2022

• $40 million to create an MBTA Academy to support recruiting and training efforts, and establish a pipeline for a skilled workforce across departments

• $35 million to create a Resilient Rides program to support climate adaptation and climate readiness capital improvement projects in the stations are rails located in the most climate-vulnerable areas of the system

• $20 million for reduced MBTA fares for riders with low incomes

• $5 million for grants for ferry services

The FY25 budget proposal will be released by the House Committee on Ways and Means tomorrow, April 10, and up for debate by the Massachusetts House of Representatives starting Wednesday, April 24.

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