Letter to the Editor

Toys for Everett Children Event

To the Editor,

We are having our annual “Toys for Everett Children” event on December 4 through December 9. 

This has been an ongoing event at Everett Chiropractic for over 40 years. 

Many patients have been asking if we are continuing this event and my answer is always a resounding YES.

The original beneficiary of this event was the Toys for Tots that is organized by the Marines. 

Over ten years ago my daughter, a teacher at a local elementary school, with tears in her eyes told me of some of her students at her school were not expecting much at Christmas.  The actual conversation involved a kindergarten student in her class.  The student stated that her father told her Santa comes every other year and this was not going to be her year.  That is when we decided to donate the toys we collect to a local elementary school.  We make every effort to help families in need to have the help they desire. 

Our patients, if they choose to, bring a unwrapped toy or doll to Everett Chiropractic Office and they will recieve a complimentary adjustment.  New patients will recieve a complimentary consultation and examnination.

There is no pressure to participate in this event, this is something that is a personal decision and we respect each and every one.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  


Brian L. Leahy, D.C.

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