The Ukrainians And Israelis Are Fighting for Free People Everywhere

There are two “hot wars” in the world right now, in Europe and the Middle East, in which two democratic nations, Ukraine and Israel, are standing up against two of the great forces of fascism in the world today: Russia under Vladimir Putin and Hamas terrorist fighters under the direction of Iran.

Both Putin and Hamas launched unprovoked attacks on civilian populations that were marked by their cruelty, inhumanity, and outright sadism. Russia seeks to eliminate Ukraine as a sovereign nation and Hamas wants to wipe Israel off the map. The efforts by the Ukrainians and the Israelis to fight these monsters of sheer evil have served as a wake-up call to free people everywhere — and that includes Americans — to recognize the simple but profound truth that we cannot take our freedom for granted.

Right now, Israel and Ukraine are bearing the burden for the free world of standing up to these fascist regimes. Although it goes without saying that America should support their efforts with as much military and financial aid as possible, we must realize that it is wishful thinking to imagine that we can remain above the fray. History has taught us that it is inevitable that when the enemies of democracy threaten free people, the United States will be drawn into the battle — and Americans should be ready for that eventuality.

If we in the United States don’t support the forces of freedom and democracy, who will?

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