Councillors Seek To Revive Municipal Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the diligent efforts of City Councillors Stephanie Martins and Vivian Nguyen, Everett High Class of 2024 graduates and future graduates may have access to college scholarships through a fund that currently exists in Everett.

Martins (Ward 2) and Nguyen (Ward 5) were looking into establishing a municipal scholarship fund “because several cities around us have one,” said Martins.

During their research, they discovered that there is an existing Everett Municipal Scholarship Fund that was established in 1976.

“On the city tax bill, there is a box that the taxpayers can check and donate to the scholarship fund, but the fund hasn’t been active,” related Martins.

Martins and Nguyen said the existing Scholarship Fund is listed under Article VIII of the General Ordinances, stating a fund will be established “to provide financial assistance to students in the city who have been accepted at an institution of higher learning beyond high school.”

A board of trustees, consisting of nine persons, including the city auditor, city treasurer, and superintendent of schools, was tasked with overseeing the scholarship fund.

“Since we can’t establish the scholarship fund, we’re asking the administration to revive it and the board of trustees to finally come to be,” said Martins.

Martins and Nguyen have requested an update on the scholarship fund at the Oct. 23 Council meeting.

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