ZBA Votes on Three Projects

The Everett Zoning Board of Appeals voted on three projects that were before it at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Sept. 18.

A request by Sergio Cornelio for the ZBA to reconsider an earlier vote and reopen a public hearing for a proposal at 81 Elsie St. failed to get the necessary votes from the board.

Cornelio was seeking approval for a revised plan that would have connected the two proposed structures on the property to create a single building containing three residential units with seven parking spaces. The parking plan included five existing parking spaces along with two newly created spaces.

Relief was required from the zoning ordinance to allow for a tandem parking space in front of a proposed garage.

The ZBA voted 4-1 to allow Claudia Kasper to convert an existing one-family residence at 20 Pleasant St. into a three-family residence. The existing building was built in approximately 1894.

The ZBA unanimously approved a variance for a project at 533-539 Ferry St. and 9-11 Rich St. from Anthony DiPierro and Ciriaco DiPierro. The DePierros are looking to combine the properties, demolish the existing buildings and construct a single mixed-use building containing 2,312 s.f. of first-floor commercial space and thirty residential apartments on the second, third and fourth floors.

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