Preliminary Election Set for September 19

Everett Election Director Danielle Pietrantonio has confirmed that there will be a preliminary election in various races on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

“As it stands [Tuesday], we’ll have a preliminary election in the Councilor-at-Large, Council Ward 4, School Committee Ward 4, and School Committee Ward 6 races,” noted Pietrantonio, adding that there could be a preliminary in the School Committee at-Large race as well.

“David LaRosa Senatillaka has gotten certified for both Councillor-at-Large and School Committee-at-Large, but he’ll have to choose which office he wants to run for by August 8, since you can’t appear on the ballot for two different races per the city charter,” explained Pietrantonio. “If he [Senatillaka] chooses to run in the School Committee-at-Large race, we will also have a preliminary there.”

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