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Colarusso Sets Sights on Oil Reserves

Republican Candidate for Congress Caroline Colarusso is promising “on day one if elected I will introduce the Strategic Petroleum Reserve National Security Act.” A bill that will serve to protect our national security and assure Americans that no President can ever again unilaterally release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) without Congressional approval. “We have witnessed President Biden’s shameless disregard of our national security by significantly depleting our emergency reserve of crude oil in order to temporarily decrease gasoline and heating oil prices ahead of the mid-term elections on November 8th. The SPR was established in the 1970’s after the OPEC oil blockade in order to protect the United States from another impediment to our supply of crude oil. It was not established to be used as a partisan political tool in the manipulation of gasoline and heating oil prices before an important election.”

The current cost of gasoline and heating oil is due primarily to the war on fossil fuels being waged by the Biden Administration against the American people. In 2020, America was a net exporter of energy products. “We are subject to progressive “Green New Deal” policies, making us once again dependent on hostile foreign nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela for oil. How embarrassing it was for the whole world to witness the President of the United States begging the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to produce more oil”, Colarusso said.

“Since his very first day in office and with the stroke of his executive pen, Joe Biden has thwarted oil drilling and refining on American soil. This irrational policy must be stopped, and the first step in reversing the damage he has caused to our economy is to require Congressional authorization before a single barrel of crude oil is released from our SPR”, Colarusso said.

For more information on my commonsense plan to lower the cost of oil and energy please visit ColarussoforCongress.com

The following press release was supplied by ColarussoforCongress.com

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