Everett Police Superior Officers Endorse Alfred Lattanzi for Ward 6 City Councilor

Local businessman Alfred Lattanzi has been formally endorsed by The Everett Police Superior Officers Association (NEPBA Local 95) for his candidacy for the open Ward 6 City Council seat.

In a letter to Lattanzi, NEPBA Local 95 President Lt. James Gabriel stated “You have been in a leadership position before and you know the value of working with others to accomplish a common goal. We believe that you will bring this leadership ability and willingness to work well with others to bring the services that the people of Everett deserve.”

“The Everett Police Department continues to be a model to the entire Commonwealth on what community policing should look like,” said Lattanzi. “I am honored to have the support of NEPBA Local 95, and will always be strong voice for added public safety resources,” he added.

Alfred Lattanzi has been involved in local politics for a majority of his life. He worked as a campaign aid to his dear friend, the late Speaker George Keverian. He has also worked on many local campaigns and initiatives, and is proud of his contributions to the new city charter through his work on the Charter Commission. He has a reputation of being honest, trustworthy and a straight shooter. Al has seen where Everett has been, he sees the great progress we have made and he wants to be a part of where we’re going.

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