Margaret A. Cornelio Announces Her Candidacy for School Committee At-Large

Margaret A. Cornelio announced her candidacy for School Committee At-Large. The following is her statement:

“Hello, my name is Margaret A. Cornelio and I am announcing my candidacy for School Committee At-Large voted City-Wide and my name will be placed 4th on the Preliminary Election ballot, Preliminary Election to be held on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. I was born and raised in Everett and have resided in the same house with my Husband of 49 years where we raised our 4 children. My family have a century of history in Everett, my father owned and operated Mr. John’s Custom Tailors and Cleaners at 948 Broadway for over 50 years and two of my sons, Sandro and Sergio have ran and served on the Everett City Council. We have a long history in Everett and decades of service to our community and these are just some of the reasons why I would like to continue my public service to the City of Everett with my candidacy for School Committee At-Large.

As a School Committee Member: I will Always make Our Children and their Families a Priority! Having worked for the Everett Public school system for 20 years, mostly in Special Education, Behavioral and Early education from preschool to High school grades. For 18 of the 20 years at the Everett Public Schools, I was the President of the Teacher Aide Association. I have the experience and knowledge to help ensure our Students receive The Education They Deserve!

I look to work on and expand the following:

• Early Education Classes – No Child Left Behind!

• Smaller classroom sizes

• Academic /Vocational Education

• Music/Sports/Arts/Culinary

• Increase funding to provide for more ELL teachers and classes (as a child who grew up in an immigrant home and the wife of an Italian immigrant, these classes are essential for the success of our growing immigrant student population in the Everett Public Schools)

• Classes on The Dangers of Drug Use/Intervention

• Special Education Classes set up to fit the needs of the Students/ Teachers and Paraprofessionals, to provide students with The Best Learning Experience Possible. 

Thank you and I hope to earn your vote on Preliminary Election Day, September 21st, 2021.”

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