Everett Police Superior Officer’s Association Endorses Mayor Carlo DeMaria Re-election

Early last week, Mayor Carlo DeMaria was formally endorsed by Everett Police Superior Officer’s Association (NEPBA Local 95) for his re-election as Mayor of Everett.
“When we look around the City where once was a neglected property or an empty lot there are now sustainable businesses and housing being built. Policing in a City like Everett can be challenging at times. Everett has been voted the most diverse City in the State and we can attest that it is. You have always provided us the funding for the equipment and training that we need in order to provide effective policing to the residents of Everett. You and Chief Mazzie have both been very active in bringing people within the ranks of the Department that reflect the changing population of the City, ” said Lt. James Gabriel, President of NEPBA Local 95. 

“I am humbled and honored to have earned the endorsement of the Everett Superior Officer’s Association,” said Mayor DeMaria. “While most people run away from danger, they run towards it. They are part of Everett’s finest, building trust within the community and keeping our city safe.”

DeMaria has served as Everett’s mayor for 14 years. Previously, he served as a former Everett Alderman. As an elected official, DeMaria brings a wealth of experience, including his time in public service and as a small business owner, to advocate for the residents of Everett. This year’s Preliminary is on September 21. For more information or to get involved with the campaign, visit: https://carlodemaria.com.

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