Virtual Public Hearing on Fare Evasion Regulations April 15

The MBTA will conduct a virtual public hearing on April 15 to hear feedback from riders and stakeholders regarding proposed Fare Evasion Regulations 703 CMR 5.00 to decrease fine levels associated with fare evasion on the MBTA.

 As a part of the Fare Transformation project, the MBTA is moving to all-door boarding to make bus, Green Line, and Mattapan Line trolley services faster and more reliable. A key component of this move to all-door boarding is a shift to a fare verification system in which riders carry and present proof that they have paid to use the system. The Transportation Bond Bill, adopted in January 2021, gave the MBTA the authority to build a team to verify fares and issue fare evasion citations. The Bill also called for the MBTA to set fare citation fine levels through a regulatory, rather than statutory, process. The MBTA has proposed decreasing fine levels from their current minimum of $100 for a first offense to $50. Riders and community members can review the proposed regulations (703 CMR 5.00) on the MBTA website.

 As a part of the regulatory process, the MBTA will hold a virtual public hearing on April 15 at 6 PM to hear feedback from riders and stakeholders on the proposed regulations. Testimony may be presented orally at the public hearing or in writing. While the MBTA encourages all interested parties to submit testimony in advance of the hearing, written comments will be accepted until 5 PM on Friday, April 30. Written comments must be submitted by email or postal mail to the following address. Email is strongly preferred.

 Email: [email protected]

 Postal Mail:   

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Attn: Rachel Morse

Office of the General Counsel

10 Park Plaza, Room 3510

Boston, MA 02116

 Public Hearing Details:

Thursday, April 15, at 6 PM

For help registering for these virtual public meetings, please call the MBTA Community Engagement team at 857-366-1871.

 Any questions can be emailed to [email protected]. The public can learn more about getting involved in the Fare Transformation project by visiting

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