Pioneer Charter School of Science Wins ‘Battle of the Atoms’ Cup

The Pioneer Charter School of Science (PCSS1) of Everett girls basketball team completed a successful season by winning the “Battle Of The Atoms” series over the Pioneer Charter School of Science (PCCS2) team of Saugus.

Coach Eric Ferguson’s Panthers bested the Saugus school, 41-22, to win its first Battle Of The Atoms’ Ion Trophy since 2017.

Romayssae Jellouli, a junior captain from Revere, led the Panthers with 21 points. Sophia Cavalcante, a senior captain from Everett, scored 14 points.

Amanda Coelho, Cynthia Vejar-Galvez, and Dorinda Vilson, an eighth grader from Everett, were the other key members of the PCSS starting five. Other contributors to the team were eighth grader Sara Yamani of Everett, and seventh graders Stacy Abraham of Everett, Inez Hamdi of Everett, Isabella Bennett, and Alina Lanzo.

The Panthers finished their abbreviated 2021 season with a 5-4 record competing against other charter school teams including Pioneer 2 of Saugus, Prospect Hill Academy, and Salem Academy. Pioneer fell to Salem Academy in the Charter School league championship game. Pioneer is in its second year as a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA).

The players thanked head coach Eric Ferguson and assistant coach Cheryl Crawford for their exceptional leadership in a challenging season during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team exercised safety precautions during practices and games and will carry forth the fond memories of their winning campaign into the Panthers’ 2021-22 season that will begin in December.

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