What Will Councilor Adrien Do? Fundraiser Could Be a Clue

There’s been no shortage of prognosticators trying to read the tea leaves on whether or not Councilor Gerly Adrien will run for re-election to the City Council or other elected offices.

For some time, she hasn’t been saying explicitly.

Many believed she would run earlier this year after having topped the Council at-Large ticket last year, and after a power-packed local and regional rally on her behalf two weeks ago, the idea became even more discussed.

This week, however, her Committee announced a Dec. 13 re-election End Of Year Fundraiser for City Council.

Adrien said the fundraiser is for re-election efforts to her Council position for the upcoming 2021 City Election. She didn’t explicitly rule out changing her mind though, in comments, but seemed to indicate she is going to announce an effort to run for a second term as an at-large councilor.

Time will tell, and this is one to keep tuned into.

Nomination papers for this coming year’s City Election likely wouldn’t become available until March, and wouldn’t be due until next summer. However, if COVID-19 is still around, that Election Calendar could be adjusted like this year’s elections.

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