St. Therese’s Church Comes Down

The demolition of the St. Therese’s Church campus on Broadway and Gledhill has begun
over the last several weeks, and Tuesday night marked the first public meeting on the plan
now that construction has gotten underway. The Neighborhood Developers (TND) plans
to develop a 77-unit senior affordable building on the site with a health center located at
the ground floor. There will also be workforce home ownership opportunities developed
on Gledhill Avenue as part of the project. The online meeting was the first of what is expected
to be several meetings prior to the building construction kicking off in the spring after the site has been cleared. St. Therese Church was the site of perhaps the longest vigil in the Archdiocese of Boston when it’s closure was announced in the early 2000s. Dedicated parishioners occupied the church come what may for more than 1,000 days to keep it going and keep it open before eventually conceding.

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