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Animal Rescue League Safety Campaign

The Animal Rescue League of Boston’s (ARL) annual safety campaign, Too Hot for Spot, reminds pet owners about the dangers pets face when temperatures begin to rise. Even when it’s below 80 degrees, the threat for heat stroke still exists.

5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

1. Prevention is best. Whenever possible, leave your pet at home in a cool humidity and temperature-regulated room.

2. If your pet must be outdoors, find a shady spot with ample air flow to prevent overheating.

3. Hydration is key, so keep a bowl of cold water accessible at all times.

4. Limit exercise to the morning or evening hours when temperatures are coolest.

5. Never leave your pet alone in a parked car—even with the air conditioner on or the windows cracked.

If you suspect that your pet is suffering from heat stroke, seek immediate medical attention from a veterinarian!

Spot an animal in imminent danger or distress? Call 911 or contact your local Animal Control Office, Fire Department, or Police Department.

Markey Campaign Shows Its Grassroots Reach 

The Ed Markey for U.S. Senate campaign demonstrated its grassroots power and statewide reach over the past weekend as it hosted an evening of virtual house parties with over 300 supporters and volunteers, joining from 35 different Zoom locations organized by supporters, for supporters, including in Dorchester, Somerville, Cambridge, Tufts University, Harvard University, and Northeastern University. 

Senator Markey spoke to the virtual grassroots group as Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins, State Representative Nika Elugardo, and State Representative Tricia Farley Bouvier–all of whom have endorsed the Senator–also made appearances throughout the event. The house party also featured live music from Wheatus lead singer, and progressive activist, Brendan Brown. 

“This is another example of our grassroots organizing success,” said Campaign Manager John Walsh. “Our campaign is based on relational organizing — friend-to-friend and neighbor-to-neighbor engagement. During this challenging  time, we continue to organize in new and innovative ways, and our house parties are part of the enthusiasm and dedication of our supporters. And while we can’t yet have house parties in the traditional sense, we can still come together.”

The Markey Campaign’s grassroots organizing has adapted to the public health crisis through social media, livestreams on the work Senator Markey is undertaking to combat the coronavirus pandemic, benefit concert, and digital outreach. 

After winning 70 percent of the support at local city and town caucuses earlier this year–a significant grassroots achievement–the Markey campaign then turned in over 27,000 nomination signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office. 

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