Feeling the ‘Bern’ in Everett: City goes for Sanders in large numbers

Everett felt a little Bernie on Super Tuesday.

Voters in the city went strongly for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, March 3, as he scored 38 percent (1,948 votes) of the vote to Joe Biden’s 29 percent (1,521 votes).

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren scored a distant third in Everett, getting 14 percent (739 votes), while upstart Michael Bloomberg got just 10 percent (511 votes).

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump easily prevailed with 90 percent of the Republican vote (720 votes) – meaning Trump nearly beat the hometown candidate, Sen. Warren, in Everett.

There was a 25 percent voter turnout for Super Tuesday, which equaled 5,099 ballots cast.

Statewide, Biden took Massachusetts by a close margin over Sanders.

1 comment for “Feeling the ‘Bern’ in Everett: City goes for Sanders in large numbers

  1. March 6, 2020 at 12:37 pm

    I can’t believe the citizens of Everett voted for a communist! That’s exactly who Bernie is and the Democrats of today are a far cry from the Democrats in my day! It’s very sad to see Everett endorsing such an idiot and it only goes to show how dumb Everett voters are today! After serving Everett for over 25 years in one capacity or another I can’t believe it, but it appears we’ve imported a lot of Anti Americans if they think socialism is the answer! Bernie promises Free stuff but remember NOTHING IS FREE! Very sad day for the city of Everett!

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