Frame and Fortune: Rogers Honored for Her Breathtaking Photography

Katy Rogers has become one of the major eyes on Everett, capturing events and news stories across the city through the lens of her trusty Nikon camera and the pages of her reporter’s notebook.

From the opening of Encore to city government to political functions and social gatherings, Rogers has been behind the camera shooting photos for the Everett Independent and her own successful photography business, Katy Rogers Art.

In recent months, the 27-year-old Everett resident has been stepping out from behind the camera and in to the spotlight as the recipient of numerous awards in recognition of her superb photos.

Rogers is on a major roll on the photography circuit, having won five of the past six monthly awards from the Greater Lynn Photographic Association (GLPA), which is one of the largest photography clubs in New England. Earlier in 2019, Rogers received the GLPA’s “Image of the Year” Award for a photograph titled “Gypsy.”

To what does Katy Rogers attribute her succession of awards?

“I think working with the newspaper has given me a lot of various opportunities as some of the awards have been for images I have created for the newspaper,” said Rogers. “The other opportunities have allowed me to try new things such as landscape and bird photography. So I’ve been trying to expand in to all kinds of photography.”

One of Katy Rogers’ award-winners was a spectacular photograph of professional boxers Brian Urday and Greg Bono going toe-to-toe in the ring during an Aug. 23 show at Encore Boston Harbor.

“I hadn’t photographed boxing before,” said Rogers. “Interestingly, the boxers were making their pro debut in that show.”

Rogers’ newspaper photo of Bob Marley’s former band, the Wailers, taken at Everett’s Village Fest, also garnered an award. An award-winning photo of an American goldfinch (bird) was taken right outside Rogers’ home in Everett.

“People don’t realize that there’s so much nature in Everett, which is important to me in my personal life,” said Rogers, who is an animal lover. “I took that photo from my back porch and you would never know it was taken in Everett.”

A 2010 Everett High graduate, Rogers studied at the Montserrat College of Art where she received her degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History.

Though she was an award-winning artist as well, Rogers became enamored with photography after one of her first professional photos – that of actor Adam Sandler who was filming a movie in front of the old Everett High School – appeared in the newspaper.

“It wasn’t a great photo but it stood out because I don’t think anyone else had it,” recalled Rogers.

 As for her decision to transition from art, where she was a highly acclaimed illustrator, to the photography industry, Rogers said, “Photography is my art.”

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico is one of many Everett residents who have come to admire Rogers’ wide array of photographs.

“Katy Rogers is a woman of immense talent and a good friend of mine,” said DiDomenico. “I know she’s worked many years at honing her craft and I consider her one of the top photographers and journalists in the area. She’s at every event but more important than just doing the job, she’s a personable, kind person who always makes sure that she makes every look great in her outstanding photos. I always joke that she gets me re-elected every two years. I congratulate her on winning these prestigious awards for her photography.”

Rogers humbly credits her parents, Thomas and Patricia Rogers, for their support in her career as a professional photographer. She loves being based in Everett.

“My family is fourth-generation Everett and I definitely take pride in being a photographer in this city because it’s a community that otherwise might not get the kind of photo attention that I try to give it,” said Rogers.

She’s grateful for the assistance from her mother who doubles as her photography assistant at some events. “She personally helps me a lot,” said Rogers. “She’s really involved in the business side of things and does everything that I could need.”

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