Councilor Mclaughlin Announces Listening Tour to Kick-off Sunday

Councilor Michael McLaughlin announced this week that he would kick off a listening tour of the city on Sunday, Jan. 5.

On Jan. 5, he said he would begin the tour by hosting a lunch for residents of the Everett Villa Co-op on Main Street. That was preceded by his first door-knocking event on Dec. 28 in the Ward 4 area.

“During the recent election, I promised the residents of Everett that I would not be a every two-year visitor on their door and in their senior building,” he said. “I am pleased to announce a new series of ‘Mondays with Mike.’ Each Monday, weather permitting, I will be meeting with residents and business owners to get a better understanding of how I can continue being Everett’s Independent Voice.”

He said he would be meeting around kitchen tables, coffee shops, and senior buildings.

“When I said I would fight for everyone and leave no voice unheard I fully plan on proving my actions in the new year,” he said. “I am honored by the support I received in November. I am more concerned about having friends on Hospital Hill than Beacon Hill and working relationships with small business owners across Everett than high powered friends that visit my office.”

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